Masterful Communication **Pre-Order**

Masterful Communication **Pre-Order**

Unlocking effective communication is like mastering a symphony, where every note
plays a crucial role. Yet many find themselves stuck in a binary view in which their own
communication style is "right"; and all others are dismissed as "wrong"; Surely this
narrow view could use some nuance!

Enter attorney-mediator Tamara A. Fackrell's forthcoming magnum opus, Masterful Communication, the culmination of over two decades of experience and research. In this enlightening guide, Tamara reveals how to unleash communication brilliance in any scenario.

Tamara introduces a communication continuum that captures an array of
communication skills. Those on the left of the continuum pulsate with talk, logic, and
assertiveness, while those on the right resonate with empathetic listening, emotion, and
relationship building.

Within this spectrum lie six distinct personas—the Communication Animals—each
wielding a unique genius:
The Demanding Lion, the monarch of assertiveness
The Convincing Fox, the expert of persuasion
The Negotiating Zebra, the maestro of negotiation
The Teamworking Swan, the creative problem solver extraordinaire
The Supporting Elephant, the guardian of enduring relationships
The Avoiding Turtle, the sovereign of silence

And here's the good news: you can master them all. To Tamara, communication styles
are not identities etched in stone. No, you can adopt the skills of any Communication
Animal as you respond to your circumstances. Masterful Communication shows you