2022: 3 Book Date Night Specials

2022: 3 Book Date Night Specials

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Buy Three Books From Date Night for only $36.00 with at least a 20% Discount! Please put in the note the three books you choose. tamara@mindfulmarriage.love

Choose Your Three Books:

My Romance Journal Duo His/Hers (Retail 2 Books $35.00. Not sold separately)

Developing Your Love Map: 365 Questions: Retail $17.00

Sexual Intimacy for Newlyweds: Retail $15.00

Becoming the Lord’s First Responder: Retail $15.00

Character Education Heroes Series Books: (Retail $15.00 each)

Book 1: Be a Good Listener (The Convincing Fox and the the Supporting Elephant)

Book 2: Be a Trusted Friend: Don’t Gossip (The Negotiating Zebra and the Avoiding Turtle)

Book 3: Overcoming the Automatic No: Being Patient (The Demanding Lion and the Teamworking Swan)

Book 4: Stop Bullying: The Triple Stop-It Method & Six More Techniques (The Avoiding Turtle and Convincing Fox)

Book 5: Keeping Your Cool: Over Twenty-Five Anger Management Strategies for Kids (The Demanding Lion and the Supporting Elephant)

Book 6: Building Positive Self Esteem: Keeping Your Aloha Alive (The Negotiating Zebra and the Supporting Elephant)      

Book 7: You Can Count on Me! Being a Responsible Friend (The Teamworking Swan & Avoiding Turtle)

Book 8: Stronger Together: Over Forty Service and Citizenship Ideas for Kids (The Teamworking Swan & Convincing Fox)

Book 9: Compassion to the Rescue! Teaching Children the Five Steps of Empathy (The Negotiating Zebra and the Demanding Lion)

Book 10: We are Better Together: 14 Lessons to Teach Kids about Teamwork (The Demanding Lion and the Convincing Fox)

Book 11: Find Joy in Creativity: Over 50 Ideas for Kids (The Teamworking Swan & the Negotiating Zebra)

Book 12: Work out Problems with Courage & Kindness: Over 20 Practical Ideas for Proactive Problem Solving (The Supporting Elephant & the Avoiding Turtle)

Book 13: Learning to Advocate with Kindness and Confidence

Character Education Music Book: (26 Songs for Character Education Written in Easy to Play Alpha Notes)